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If you’ve ever stopped taking medication because it was too expensive or rationed doses to save money, you’re not alone. High prescription drug prices force millions of Americans to choose between their finances and health.

Canada Pharmacy Delivery was founded on the belief that medication should be available to everyone. It’s our mission to provide you with access to brand-name and generic medications in an affordable, safe, and convenient way.

Canada Pharmacy Delivery

Who we are

Access Affordable Medications from Canadian Pharmacies and Approved International Pharmacies & Fulfillment Centers.

Canada Pharmacy Delivery is an online pharmacy referral service that connects you to licensed Canadian pharmacies and international fulfillment centers. We source medication from around the world to bring you the most affordable prescription drugs. If you find a better price advertised by a competitor, we’ll beat it by 10% of the difference.

Canada Pharmacy Delivery

Why Choose Us

Simple, Safe, Affordable

Your safety is always our number one priority. It doesn’t hurt to save up to 90% with a simple call.

Canada Pharmacy Delivery

Our Mission

Help you Stay Healthy

You don’t need to choose between finances or your health. We help you take care of both.

Canada Pharmacy Delivery

What We Do

Make our Customers Happy

Don’t take our word for it. We have helped thousands of customers each month stay healthy!

How it works

The process is simple:


Keeping you safe is the only thing more important than saving you money
  • All of our partnering pharmacies and fulfillment centers have been approved by the regulatory bodies in their respective countries
  • Each Canada Pharmacy Delivery order is checked and approved by a qualified, licensed pharmacist
  • Proof of prescription is required to ensure you’re under a doctor’s care
  • Personal information is held in accordance with Canadian privacy laws.
  • Our website uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your privacy
Start Saving

Start Saving

Ready to spend less time waiting at the pharmacy and save up to 90% on your prescriptions? Call us to get started.